Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Kawaii Panda Padme -- Test Pattern

My sons' room has a bamboo calendar hanging their wall gifted to us from the Chinese family who runs our favorite carry-out. The main photo of which is of some adorable pandas. Looking at it every day must have put pandas on my brain. This is the first pattern I've done this year and is currently in testing mode while I work on photos and preparing a pdf for download on Ravelry and Etsy. I've decided to let this be open for testing for anyone who's interested while I polish up the pattern. Should you test out this pattern, please do me the courtesy of writing to me with your results Thanks and enjoy!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Kawaii Sorry Squid Applique

Sorry Squid Applique -- Free Amigurumi Pattern
Sorry Squid Applique -- Free Amigurumi Pattern

Part amigurumi, part applique, all adorable! This little guy I originally made to be used as an applique for a hat when I got into amigurumi 2 years ago, eventually became the inspiration for my Kawaii Kraken. He looks like he inked you in the face but he's sorry about it. Thus, Sorry Squid. I thought it was time to give this cephalopod a revisit. Enjoy this free pattern from Amigurumi Kawaii (designed by Koneko Kawaii), also available on Ravelry here.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Kawaii Kraken

Kawaii Kraken Free Amigurumi Pattern form Amigurumi Kawaii

I had once received a commission from someone to make for them a lavender squid. The rest of it was up to me, I could do whatever I pleased with it. So I came up with this little character. I love the expression on his face; he looks like he inked you in the face, but he's sorry about it. Sorry Squid I called him then. I call this new one Kawaii Kraken because it tickles me how much even monsters can look cute when crocheted.. I hope to see a bunch of these cute little guys floating around the now that the pattern is out. And I hope you have fun making them like I did. Save it on Ravelry here: Kawaii Kraken

Kawaii Heart Snail

Kawaii Heart Snail Pattern
Saw another heart-shaped snail but with no pattern so I made one up. I have an affinity for crocheted snails; they're just the cutest! This sweet heart shell makes it even cuter. Enjoy my first free pattern from Amigurumi Kawaii. Save it on Ravelry here: Kawaii Heart Snail