Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kawaii Kraken -- Free Amigurumi Pattern

Kawaii Kraken Free Amigurumi Pattern
Kawaii Kraken

I had once received a commission from someone to make for them a lavender squid. The rest of it was up to me, I could do whatever I pleased with it. So I came up with this little character. I love the expression on his face; he looks like he inked you in the face, but he's sorry about it. Sorry Squid I called him then. I call this new one Kawaii Kraken because it tickles me how much even monsters can look cute when crocheted.. I hope to see a bunch of these cute little guys floating around the now that the pattern is out. And I hope you have fun making them like I did.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kawaii Heart Snail -- First Free Pattern

Kawaii Heart Snail Pattern

Kawaii Heart Snail -- Free Pattern

Saw another heart-shaped snail but with no pattern so I made one up. I have an affinity for crocheted snails; they're just the cutest! This sweet heart shell makes it even cuter. Enjoy my first free pattern from Amigurumi Kawaii.
xoxo amigurumi kawaii