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Kawaii Heart Snail

Kawaii Heart Snail Pattern
Saw another heart-shaped snail but with no pattern so I made one up. I have an affinity for crocheted snails; they're just the cutest! This sweet heart shell makes it even cuter. Enjoy my first free pattern from Amigurumi Kawaii. Save it on Ravelry here: Kawaii Heart Snail

  • Measures about 18 cm high, 19 cm long
  • I use worsted weight yarn and 3.5 mm Hook, swap out weight and hook size to your liking for a bigger or smaller Snail, but always be sure to use a smaller hook than called for
  • This is meant to be decorative so feel free to use any eyes and accessories you like
  • Should you make this for an infant or child, always use safety eyes and sew pieces together tightly
Materials & Supplies
Worsted Weight Yarn (I used acrylic Caron Simply Soft)
4 or 5 Colors: green for the snail's body, purple and white for the shell and eyes (I actually used off-white), grey for the messenger bag. (Or whichever colors you prefer, of course!)
3.5 mm Hook E
2 Pair Safety Eyes
Tapestry Needle
Polyester Fiberfill
Stitch Markers

Abbreviations & Special Stitches
R-- Round
SC -- Single Crochet
Sl St-- Slip Stitch
ST -- Stitch
INC -- Increase
DEC -- Decrease
( ) -- Repeat instructions given x amount of times specified
BO -- Bind Off
SM -- Stitch Marker

Spike Stitch -- Spike stitch is a simple stitch to do, and a creative way to add color to any project. To do a spike stitch, simply insert your hook into a stitch lower than the usual stitch, and draw through a long length of yarn. For a longer stitch, just insert your hook into a stitch even lower down.

Heart Shell -- Make first so you know how long to make the Snail. From the bottom up
R1 6 SC in Magic Circle
R2 INC. x6 -- 12 ST
R3 (3 SC 1 INC.) x3 -- 15 ST
R4 SC ea. ST -- 15 ST
R5 (4 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 18 ST
R6 (5 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 21 ST
R7 (6 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 24 ST
R8 SC. ea. ST -- 24 ST
R9 (7 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 27 ST
R10 (8 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 30 ST
R11 (9 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 33 ST
R12 SC. ea. ST -- 33 ST
R13 (10 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 36 ST
R14 (11 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 39 ST
R15 (12 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 42 ST
R16 SC. ea. ST -- 42 ST
R17 (13 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 45 ST
R18 (14 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 48 ST
R19 (15 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 51 ST
R20 *Color Change* SC ea ST using Spike Stitch alternating spike length every 2 or 3 stitches -- 51 ST
R21 (16 SC 1 INC.) x3 -- 54 ST
R22 (17 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 57 ST
R23 (18 SC. 1 INC.) x3 -- 60 ST
R24 SC. ea. ST. -- 60 ST

Now we will split the Heart Shell in half and form each side separately. Keep SM in place. Count 30 ST and add another SM. That will be the starting point for the second side. For the first little hump, insert the hook in the very next stitch to the right of the Marker you just placed. This will be the first stitch of the next row. Now is also a good time to stuff the bottom part.

Kawaii Heart Snail Pattern

Kawaii Heart Snail Pattern

Kawaii Heart Snail Pattern

Stuff as you go.
R25 SC. ea. ST -- 30 ST
R26 (3 SC. 1 DEC.) x6 -- 24 ST
R27 SC. ea. ST -- 24 ST
R28 (2 SC. 1 DEC) x6 -- 18 ST
R29 SC. ea. ST -- 18 ST
R30 (1 SC. 1 DEC.) x6 -- 12 ST
R31 (1 SC. 1 DEC.) x4 -- 8 ST
BO and sew through the stitches to close it tight.

One little heart hump done. Insert hook into the 2nd SM and join yarn there, start crocheting in the very next stitch across from SM. Pull yarn tight to minimize any holes which may occur at this point (they can always be sewn up later). Repeat Rows 25-31

The Snail

Whites of the Eyes -- Make 2
8 SC into Magic Circle. BO. leaving long tail for sewing.


Kawaii Heart Snail PatternStarting with the top of the head.     
R1 SC 8 into Magic Circle
R2 INC. x8 -- 16 ST
R3 (1 SC. 1 INC.) x8 -- 24 ST
R4 (3 SC. 1 INC.) x6 -- 30 ST
R5 (4 SC. 1 INC.) x6 -- 36 ST
R6 - R11 SC in ea. ST. -- 36 ST
R12 12 SC, 6 DEC., 12 SC -- 30 ST
R13 9 SC, 6 DEC., 9 SC -- 24 ST
R14 6 SC, 6 DEC., 6 SC -- 18

Place Safety Eyes over the Whites of the Eyes at an angle in between Rows 7 & 8 with about 10 stitches between each eyes. Stuff the head. For the rest of the Snail’s body, no stuffing is needed. Sew on the Whites of the Eyes. Use remaining tail sculpt the face, working the yarn back and forth between both eyes to give it a little shape.
R15 - 62* SC ea. ST -- 18 ST

Kawaii Heart Snail Pattern
** I crocheted 62 Rows to make the Snail long enough to fit the Heart Shell, adjust more or less as needed.

R63 (1 SC. 1 DEC.) x6 -- 12 ST
R64 DEC. x6 -- 6 ST

Antennae -- Make 2
R1 With MC 8 SC into Magic Circle
R2 INC. x8 -- 16 ST
R3-5 SC ea. ST -- 16 ST
R6 DEC. x6 -- 8 ST
R7-11 **Color Change** SC ea. ST -- 8 ST
BO. Leave long tail for sewing
Sew onto head in between rows 2-5, just above the eyes.

Line up the Snail with the Heart Shell so that the head and tail poke over the Shell, adjust as needed. If you like, use Stitch Markers to hold pieces together. With long piece of yarn sew pieces together alternating between the body and shell. Adorn with quirky knick knacks, blush on the cheeks if you like. Our little Kawaii Heart Snail is ready! I hope you enjoyed making this cute little Snail. Message me if you need help understanding the pattern, I'll try my best to explain.Feel free to share your creations with me, I'd love to see them!

I’ve done my best to write this in a clear way easy to understand for all. If there’s ever an issue don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m happy to try and explain better and help you along. I also would love to see your finished creations. If you’d like to share, emall, message, or tag me. 
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Kawaii Heart Snail Pattern

All photos and text are copyright © 2017 Koneko Kawaii. You may sell finished items you make from this pattern. Please give credit to Koneko Kawaii as the designer.

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  1. These are so adorable! I will definitely make these for next year!! Thank you for sharing. <3