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Kawaii Kraken

Kawaii Kraken Free Amigurumi Pattern form Amigurumi Kawaii

I had once received a commission from someone to make for them a lavender squid. The rest of it was up to me, I could do whatever I pleased with it. So I came up with this little character. I love the expression on his face; he looks like he inked you in the face, but he's sorry about it. Sorry Squid I called him then. I call this new one Kawaii Kraken because it tickles me how much even monsters can look cute when crocheted.. I hope to see a bunch of these cute little guys floating around the now that the pattern is out. And I hope you have fun making them like I did. Save it on Ravelry here: Kawaii Kraken

Measures about 22 cm long, not including tentacles
I used worsted weight Red Heart Super Saver yarn and 4.00 mm/G Hook, swap out weight and hook size to your liking for a bigger or smaller Kraken.
This is meant to be decorative so feel free to use any eyes and accessories you like
Should you make this for an infant or child, always use safety eyes and sew pieces together tightly
Materials & Supplies
Worsted Weight Yarn 
One skein for main color
4.00 mm Hook G
2 Pair Safety Eyes 12 MM
Tapestry Needle
Polyester Fiberfill
Stitch Markers

Abbreviations & Special Stitches
R-- Round
SC -- Single Crochet HDC – Half-double Crochet
Sl St-- Slip Stitch
ST -- Stitch
INC -- Increase
DEC -- Decrease 
( ) -- Repeat instructions given x amount of times specified
BLO – Back Loop Only
BO -- Bind Off
SM -- Stitch Marker

Head & Body – Starting from the top of the head, going down.
R1: 6 SC in Magic Ring – 6 ST
Increase evenly by 6 for the next 9 rows until there are 60 ST
R2: 1 Inc. X6 – 12 ST
R3: 1 SC, 1 Inc. X6 – 18ST
R4: 2 SC, 1 Inc. X 6 – 24 ST
R5: 3 SC, 1 Inc. X6 – 30 ST
R6: 4 SC, 1 Inc. X6 – 36 ST
R7: 5 SC, 1 Inc. X6 – 42 ST
R8: 6 SC, 1 Inc. X6 – 48 ST
R9: 7 SC, 1 Inc. X6 – 54 ST
R10: 8 SC, 1 Inc. X6 – 60 ST

Kawaii Kraken Free Amigurumi Pattern form Amigurumi Kawaii

R11: From here you will need to place a stitch marker every 15 ST starting from your current marker. Do this so that you have 4 sets of 15.This will indicated the sections on the side of the head which will not be crocheted, that part of the squid which looks like an arrow. From your current position (the marker which has been your main marker up until now) skip 15 stitches and insert your hook in the first stitch after the next marker, so this will be the 16th stitch. Proceed to single crochet 15 ST up to the next marker. Skip the next set of 15 ST and again insert hook after the next marker. Single crochet 15 ST again, this will lead you right up to your original marker. This is now the end of the round. Feel free to remove the other markers. We will come back later and sew up the sides. -- 30 ST
R12: SC ea. ST – 30 ST
R13: SC ea. ST. -- 30 ST
The next several rows follow the pattern of 6 even Increases in one row, and then single crocheting each stitch for 2 rows after that, up until there at 60 ST at row 26.
Kawaii Kraken Free Amigurumi Pattern form Amigurumi Kawaii
R14: 4 SC, 1 Inc. X6 – 36 ST
R15-16: SC ea. ST. -- 36 ST
R17: 5 SC. 1 Inc. X6 – 42 ST
R18-19: SC ea. ST. -- 42 ST
R20: 6 SC., 1 Inc. X6 -- 48 ST
R21-22: SC ea. ST. -- 48 ST
R23: 7 SC., 1 Inc X6 – 54 ST
R24-25: SC ea. ST. -- 54 ST
R26: 8 SC.,1 Inc. X6 – 60 ST
R27-29: SC., ea. ST – 60 ST
Now, decrease evenly by 6 each row until there are 30 ST.
R30: 8 SC., 1 Dec. X6 – 54 ST
R31: 7 SC., 1 Dec. X6 – 48 ST
R32: 6 SC., 1 Dec. X6 – 42 ST
R33: 5 SC., 1 Dec. X6 – 36 ST
R34: 4 SC., 1 Dec. X6 – 30 ST
R35: SC. ea. ST BLO – 30 ST
Now is an ideal time to start stuffing the kraken. Stuff a bit in the top to form and shape the top of it, then sew up the sides to give it more definition. I started on the outer rim of on point, worked my way inwars then upwards to the very top, then back down and out to the other point. Finish stuffing and shaping.
R36-39: SC ea. ST. -- 30 ST
R40: 3 SC., 1 Dec. X6 BLO – 24 ST – Insert safety eyes in between rows 38 & 39, 10 ST apart.
R41: 2 SC., 1 Dec. X6 – 18 ST – Finsh off any stuffing.R42: 1 SC., 1 Dec. X6 – 12 STR43: 1 SC., 1 Dec. X4 – 8 STBO. Leave long tail to weave in through the front loops of the stitches and close up the hole tightly.
Kawaii Kraken Free Amigurumi Pattern form Amigurumi KawaiiKawaii Kraken Free Amigurumi Pattern form Amigurumi Kawaii

The Tentacles.
-- Now make 10 tentacles around the bottom part of the squid, with 2 being larger on the side. There are 30 Stitches, each tentacle will take up 3 stitches. Insert the hook in the front loops of row 35 in between the eyes and draw through the yarn. To create
a tentacle, SC 33 ST. In 3rd ST from hook, do 3 HDC in the next 3 ST, then 1 HDC in the next 27 ST. This brings you back down to where you started the tentacle. Skip the next stitch, and Sl St in the one next to it. That finishes one tentacle. Repeat this sequence for the next tentacle.
Longer Tentacles == Tentacle number three will be a longer tentacle. SC 43 ST and 1 HDC starting in third stitch from hook and work your way back down with 1 HDC in ea. ST. The next 4 tentacles follow the first sequence I gave you. Then make one more long tentacle, followed by two more regular tentacles. This last tentacle will bring you right back to the first tentacle you made.
Longer Tentacle Hands – To be sewn on the end of the long tentacles, make 2.R1: 6 SC in
R1: 6 SC in Magic Ring – 6 ST
R2: 1 Inc., 2 SC, X2 – 8 ST
R3: SC ea. ST – 8 ST
R4: 1 Inc., 3 SC. X2 – 10 ST
R5: SC. ea. ST – 10 ST
R6: 1 Inc., 4 SC X2 – 12 ST
R7: 1 Dec., 4 SC X2 – 10 ST
R8: 1 Dec., 3 SC X2 – 8 ST
R9: 1 Dec., 2 SC X2 – 6 ST
BO. Leave long tail and sew onto the end of the long tentacles, one each.
Optional Heart-shaped spot for additional kawaiiness
R1: 10 SC in Magic Ring – 10 ST
R2: Sl St and 1 HDC in 1
st ST. 3 HDC 2nd ST, 2 HDC 3rd ST, 1 HDC and 1 DC in 4th ST, 2 DC in 5th ST, 1 DC and 1 HDC in 6th ST, 2 HDC in 7th ST, 3 HDC in 8th ST, 1 HDC and Sl St in 8th ST, Sl St in 9th ST. BO. Leave long tail. Using the photo as a guide, sew it to the kraken's head.
I've done my best to write this in a clear way easy to understand for all. If there's ever an issue don't hesitate to contact me, I'm happy to try and explain better and help you along. I also would love to see your finished creations. If you'd like to share, emall, message, or tag me.
Facebook: @konekocrochet
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Kawaii Kraken Free Amigurumi Pattern form Amigurumi Kawaii

Kawaii Kraken Free Amigurumi Pattern form Amigurumi Kawaii

All photos and text are copyright © 2017 Koneko Kawaii.You may sell finished items you make from this pattern with a credit to Koneko Kawaii as the designer.

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