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Kawaii Sorry Squid Applique

Sorry Squid Applique -- Free Amigurumi Pattern
Sorry Squid Applique -- Free Amigurumi Pattern

Part amigurumi, part applique, all adorable! This little guy I originally made to be used as an applique for a hat when I got into amigurumi 2 years ago, eventually became the inspiration for my Kawaii Kraken. He looks like he inked you in the face but he's sorry about it. Thus, Sorry Squid. I thought it was time to give this cephalopod a revisit. Enjoy this free pattern from Amigurumi Kawaii (designed by Koneko Kawaii), also available on Ravelry here.

Sorry Squid Appliqué -- Free Amigurumi Kawaii Pattern

I used lightweight yarn and 3.5mm hook for mine. Switch out hook sizes and yarn sizes to make yours larger or smaller.
Materials & Supplies
One Skein Lightweight Yarn
3.5 MM Hook
2 Pair Safety Eyes 12 MM
Tapestry Needle
Stitch Markers

Abbreviations & Special Stitches
R-- Round
SC -- Single Crochet
HDC – Half-double Crochet
DC -- Double Crochet
Sl St-- Slip Stitch
ST -- Stitch
INC -- Increase
DEC -- Decrease 
( ) -- Repeat instructions given x amount of times specified
BLO – Back Loop Only
BO -- Bind Off
SM -- Stitch Marker

Head and Body, worked in spirals. Place SM at the end of each Round
R1:6 SC into Magic Circle (6 St)
R2: [Inc, 2 SC] x2 (8 St)
R3: [SC] across (8 St)
R4: [Inc, 1 SC] x4 (12 St)
R5: [SC] across (12 St)
R6: [Inc, 2 SC] x4 (16 St)
R7: [SC] across (16 St)
R8: [Inc, 3 SC] x4 (20 St)
R9-11: [SC] across (20 St)
R12: [Dec, 3 SC] x4 (16 St)
R13: [Dec, 2 SC] x4 (12 St)
R14-15: [SC] across [12 St)
R16: [Inc, 2 SC] x4 (16 St)

This is a good time to attach the eyes on the lower half of the body/head.

R17 [Dec] x8 (8 St)

The Tentacles. Make 8.

Sl St into next ST, CH 21, Turn, SC in 2nd CH from Hook, 4 SC, 13 HDC, 2 DC. Insert hook into next ST with Sl St. Repeat these steps until you have 8 Tentacles. 

Weave in any ends, sew onto hat or accessory to make it a little more spiffy. Although I made the applique on this hat to look more like an octopus than a squid, you get the idea. I don't have a pattern written for the hat, unfortunately. Isn't the cutest?!

Sorry Squid Applique -- Free Amigurumi Pattern

Sorry Squid Applique -- Free Amigurumi Pattern

I've done my best to write this in a clear way easy to understand for all. If there's ever an issue don't hesitate to contact me, I'm happy to try and explain better and help you along. I also would love to see your finished creations. If you'd like to share, emall, message, or tag me

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All photos and text are copyright © 2017 Koneko Kawaii. You may sell finished items you make from this pattern with a credit to Koneko Kawaii as the designer.

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